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Heat Resistant Rubber, Heat Resistant Silicone Sheet, heat resistant silicone tubing, Silicone Tubing Buy the Heat Resistant Silicone Sheet Our Heat Resistant Silicone Sheet is ideal for applications requiring typical silicone properties combined with additional heat resistance. These sheets can be used for many hours at temperatures as high as 315°C intermittently. The thickness of this product can range in different verities. Its width can range from 1m to 2m, and there may be a minimum order quantity. Our heat resistant silicone tubing is fully FDA and EC compliant, which means it can be used in food and beverage applications without fear of contamination. In addition, this product is not only heat-resistant, but it also has excellent tensile strength and tears resistance, making it ideal for use in highly demanding conditions. Find the best quality heat resistant silicone tubing To ensure that the product is able to perform at such extreme temperatures, Oxygen must be present. The product will deteriorate at much lower temperatures if there is not enough oxygen. Our silicone sheets' longevity is reduced by using them at maximum temperatures for long periods of time. Key features of heat resistant silicone tubing> 1. Top-quality product 2. heat resistant silicone tubing 3. Long term durable 4. Resistant to any weather, UV, and Ozone damage 5. High flexibility 6. Light in weight 7. Affordable silicone extrusion manufacturers | Fluorocarbon Rubber | Silicone Rubber Manufacturers | Silicone Tube Heat Resistant | Anti-bacterial Silicone | Liquid Silicone Rubber Manufacturers | High Temperature Resistant Material | Dimethyl Silicone Oil | Silicone Insulated Wire | High Temp Silicone O Rings